FOX News viewers, rednecks and your grandma’ all very surprised colored-man now Black President

Surprise! You drank the wrong Kool-Aid

Surprise! You drank the wrong Kool-Aid

Viewers of FOX News Network (along with EIB listeners and old farts) are in a state of what can only be described as “shock and awe,” that Barack Obama has been elected the 44th President of the United States.

For the last 21 months or so these folks have been cocooning themselves in comforting lies watching a very different election than the one which has played out in the real world millions of homes across the civilized portions of the country. Not to include “Real ‘A’merica,” as in, the states that begin with the letter ‘A’: Alabama, Arkansas, Alaska, etc. a.k.a the only states the scary old man won.

Perhaps they will change the names of the O’Reilly Factor, Sean Hannity and Rushbo shows to something more fitting. 48th Street nominates: The Lying, Fascist ‘man on teevee agrees with me’ Fantasy Hour with special guest Ann Coulter


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Fat pill-popping Cracker, Black-crackhead Minister King team-up

limbaughdraftdodger20081029_dn_g1blak29cRemember those superhero team-ups from the comic books. Captain America would team up with Spider Man to fight the Hulk or some bullshit. Well that shit really goes down on 48th Street.

You can imagine my surprise and jubilation when during the Black Presidential Election news coverage, Fox News cut to a Philadelphia polling site that had supposedly been attacked by Black Panthers. Not actual Black Panthers of course, that species has thankfully passed into extinction along with the Guardian Angels, the Klan and elections dominated by tired baby-boomer psychodrama. Very retro… like, so four-years ago… but I digress.
Who was actually up in that bitch? None other than Minister King Samir Shabazz weilding a goddamn piece of broken-ass furniture a nightstick with a fellow crackhead another Black nationalist.

Of course, we here at 48th Street know that the Minister King is nothing more than a loveable “Cracker” hating homeless man who tries to hawk a two-year old racist newspapers outside City Hall. Unfortunately but hilariously, a certain pill-popping lard-ass decided to bogart a little of Shabazz’s election day fun for his own nefarious purposes. Namely, to try to scare people into voting for some old man who makes funny faces.

I’ll let fat-fuck Rushbo speak for himself here:

“This is a YouTube video of an unidentified man who says he’s media from the University of Pennsylvania, approaching a Philadelphia polling place and has an exchange with two Black Panther members holding nightsticks at the door.”

More Super Hero team-up after the jump!
Fat Cracker teams up with Black crackhead to do battle with the evil Black Presidential Election 2008

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Philadelphia Phillies, World Series Champions

The Philadelphia Phillies overcame God-piss and the American League Champions to claim the city’s first World Series title in over a quarter century, in a nine-inning game which lasted several frustrating days.

The Tampa Bay Rays and their half-dozen fans will head home with heavy hearts and rusty cowbells; their franchise has never once won a  World Series in its storied, decade-long history.

We can only hope this victory will not soften the warrior spirit of the city and its sports fans. Celebrate now, but steel yourselves for another round of berating the area’s other hapless sports teams. Whatever future victories come to this most-deserving of cities, don’t go the way of Boston; complacent, entitled and wearing what amounts to clown make-up. Like these tools.
A fate worse than death.

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Minister King Samir Shabazz hates Jews, Phillies, Obama, Crackers; needs $2

He listens to "revolutionary, cracker-killing hip-hop" on his headphones and says things like: "I'll get black to you on that."

So the Daily News apparently felt it was their moral obligation as journalists to do a compare and contrast multi-story expose on racists and area hate-groups six days before the most racially charged election in America’s history.

We here at 48th would have thought the Phillies in the World Series gives people enough reason to torch the city, but hey, if not for the Daily News we would have never had the pleasure of meeting Minister King Samir Shabazz.

As the contrast to a boring story on skinhead white-trash reppin’ fo’ some Viking asshole during the Regatta, Dana DiFilippo introduced us to the chairman, treasurer and only member of the New Black Panther Party.

What followed was the greatest personality profile 48th Street has ever read.

This is not only because Shabazz is obviously a pan-handling crackhead. It is because:

Some people wear their heart on their sleeve.

Minister King Samir Shabazz wears his on his forehead. Right between the eyes.

That’s the lead, and it only gets better from there. The story has single-handedly restored my faith in mainstream journalism, and I think also, brought the entire world closer to God’s vision and intent.

Barack Obama may be Black President, but Samir Shabazz is the Black Minister King.

This link may change your life, it did mine

New Panthers’ war on whites


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God pisses on Phillies’ World Series dreams, twice

It is a well known and generally accepted mathematical fact that God hates Philadelphia sports. Even with this in mind, area fans were still surprised when he took it upon himself to “break the seal,” all over the team and the city of Penn, on consecutive nights during what was supposed to be the Philadelphia Phillies coronation as the best baseball team in the universe.

The reaction of the home fan base was predictable, torment Tampa Bay Gays fans, who were in turn earnestly shaking soggy cowbells to their sodomite gods that the series would return to their fruity home park, Tropicana Field.

Phil’s fans live down to their reputation


According to Deadspin, it turns out the mysterious sage who uttered the words “That fucking guy. I wouldn’t let him supervise one of my shits,” upon seeing Bud Selig post-abbreviated Game 5 was Phillies’ lefty Scott Eyre. The statement, while humorous on its face, does imply that there is a guy Scott Eyre would let supervise him defecating.

Mystery Phillies Bud Selig chastiser identified (we think)

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“Sarah Palin is the future of the Republican Party,” says Bitter Loserpants, political strategist

Republican strategists, conservatives and other assorted morons, now finished finalizing plans for their early election-night defeat party, are looking towards the future, and they have a litmus test for who the “real Americans,” and “real conservatives,” are, one that doesn’t even tangentialy involve Joe the Plumber.

Having pretty much conceded defeat in the 2008 Black Presidential Election, conservatives will now turn their sights on cannibalizing what’s left of their party by excommunicating anybody who questioned the wisdom adding VP Pitbull McPsychobitch to the their ticket. It’s all set to be  good old-fashioned witch hunt, except with KKK robes not pilgrim hats.

If this is true, then we here on 48th Street can honestly deduce that a post-election Republican Party will be comprised of just a fat pill-popping Cracker, Michele Bachmann and a porn star.

We report, you decide here:

Conservatives plan secret post-election strategy session

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Well humanitarian, dirt star rock star and all-around annoying fuck Bono is back in the celebretard snoop rags once again. It seems the geriatric irish Cracker rocker took some time off from saving Black people to party on his yacht, which is worth like a gazillion funny looking British money symbols, with two teenage hussies.

Well the one that is kinda’ fug threw the pics up on the Facebook machine, and my guess is that neither the Holy Father or Mrs. Bozo much approves.

In all fairness, score one for formerly faggy-dressing 80s icons and their shriveled, shaking pimp-hands.

The full story with pHOtos here:

It’s Not What You Think

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